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Orange County, CA Water Heater Pilot Light/Thermocouple Repair

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We are an authorized, manufacturer-direct dealer & installer for most water heater brands.

We move tons of water heaters, allowing us to receive big volume discounts, which we love to pass onto our customers.

Thank you for visiting our website and considering giving us the opportunity to take care of your water heater and plumbing needs. Here at USA Water Heaters & Plumbing Services our mission is to meet and exceed customer expectations during the installations or the repairs we conduct as your plumbing services provider. We always combine the usage of the best quality appliances and materials available with the highest quality of workmanship possible at the most reasonable and affordable price. We are driven by service, not sales and are committed to provide the highest level of service in every aspect of the process. We are committed to creating long lasting relationships and earning your business for life. Give us a call and find out for yourself!

Orange County, CA Water Heater Repair

Did your water heater quit on you? No hot water?

Let’s see if your water heater is repairable

Condition: I have no hot water(tank type gas water heater).

If you ran out of hot water and the unit has not leaked, your water heater might be repairable. Almost all tank type water heaters use thermocouples. Over time the end of the tip deteriorates and the thermocouple fails, which results in no hot water. Not that often, but a gas control could also go bad. In this case you don’t yet need a new water heater. This condition is repairable.

Solution: Contact us for an appointment for Thermocouple Replacement / Pilot Light Repair in Orange County, CA

 Condition: Water leak around water heater.

If there is a water leak around your water heater, first check the flexible water connectors on top of the unit. If one or all of them seem to be the source of the leak, your tank might still be in tact.

Solution: Contact us for replacement of the leaky water connectors- Water Heater Leak Repair in Orange County, CA

If any of the above conditions does not apply, please click here for Water Heater Installation/Replacement Option.

allwaterheatersWhy Choose Us!

For over a decade, we have mastered the trade of water heaters, where we have extensive experience that we are ready to deliver to your home. By hiring us you can have peace of mind, that the job will be done right the first time and your water heater will serve you well and last you for many years to come. Rest assured, you will receive the quality and service you deserve at reasonable price. We are licensed, bonded and insured family owned local business. Our trucks are fully stocked at all times with 40 and 50 gallon water heaters, so we can complete the job right on the spot.

Call now 949-535-2228 or fill out the Contact Form to request price quote/service.

Water heaters are something we rarely think about when it comes to plumbing, until there is a problem. Whether your water heater is leaking, making noises or just stopped working, USA Water Heaters & Plumbing Services can help you diagnose and repair the problem or if you’re in need of a new water heater, our plumbing experts can help you install the right model for you.

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Enhance Your Hot Water Experience | Recommended Water Heater Related Items

Hot Water Recirculating System(Pump)

hotwatercirculationpumpNever wait for hot water again | Instant hot water at every faucet

Never wait for hot water again. The Watts Hot Water Recirculating Pump provides hot water at every faucet or shower when needed, eliminating wasted water. It is easy to install on any water system and requires no additional piping. The unique design of the pump ensures quiet, maintenance-free operation. The system includes a built-in 24 hour, dual setting programmable timer to activate the pump only when needed.

  • Conserve water up to 15,000 Gal. of water per year

  • Save money up to 10% of your water bill

  • Maintenance free

Pump & Installation- $450 at time of water heater installation appointment

Pressure Reducing Valve Replacement

pressure reducing valve replacementIs the water pressure in your home too high? Cracking and noisy pipes?

Ensuring Practical, Safe Working Water Pressures Municipal and private water supply companies use pumps and pumping stations to boost water supply pressures in supply mains to be able to supply water for fire fighting, high rise buildings to overcome loss of pressure as the elevation increases, and to maintain water supply in water towers and supply tanks. Pressure in water supply mains can exceed 200psi Most plumbing codes require water pressure reducing valves on domestic systems where the municipal water main’s pressure exceeds 80psi Higher pressures could rupture pipes, damage fixtures,and injure the people using them.

3/4″ Pressure Reducing Valve & Installation – $250

1″, 1 1/4, 11/2 sizes are also available

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